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Da Vinci

Rifqi Tee

Rifqi Tee

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Digital Artist rubahitam (Rifqi Ardiansyah) @rubahitam_

rubahitam (Rifqi Ardiansyah), a multifaceted artist from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, breathes life into visions of the future. As a motion designer, 2D animator, and 3D visual artist, he delves into the intersection of humanity and technology.
His works, like
Pigment (2024), resonate with concerns around AI’s impact on the artistic landscape, sparking profound reflection.

rubahitam’s featurette is proudly part of The LUME’s Digital Arts Program for the Leonardo da Vinci - 500 Years of Genius experience.

Sizes: S, M , L & XL

Mid weight

100% combed cotton


Product designed in Australia (for everything unless otherwise stated)

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