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Da Vinci

Unisex Black Tee - The Birth of Venus

Unisex Black Tee - The Birth of Venus

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Sandro Botticelli
Born: c1445 Florence, Italy
Died: 1510, Florence, Italy

Sandro Botticelli, an Italian Renaissance painter, crafted enchanting masterpieces that transcend time. Renowned for The Birth of Venus, his art captures ethereal beauty and mythological grace. Botticelli's unique style, marked by flowing lines and soft hues, imparts a dreamlike quality to his works. His contribution to Renaissance art endures, showcasing a delicate balance of classical inspiration and imaginative allure.

The Birth of Venus, 1485-1486
Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus is a sublime Renaissance masterpiece, depicting the goddess emerging from the sea foam on a seashell. Executed in the 1480's, it exemplifies Botticelli's mastery of form and colour. Venus, ethereal and alluring, is surrounded by divine figures. The painting's elegance, mythological symbolism, and Botticelli's distinctive style make it an enduring symbol of beauty and classical inspiration.

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100% combed cotton


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