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Da Vinci

Unisex Black Tee - Skull

Unisex Black Tee - Skull

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Leonardo da Vinci
Born: 1452, Vinci, Italy
Died: 1519, Amboise, France

Leonardo da Vinci was a polymath of the Renaissance era, renowned as a painter, scientist, inventor, and thinker. His artistic genius gave the world iconic works like Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. 

His notebooks are a treasure trove of scientific observations and innovative ideas. Leonardo's insatiable curiosity bridged art and science, leaving an indelible mark on both realms and inspiring generations with his boundless creativity and intellectual curiosity.

Anatomical Study of the Human Skull in Sagittal Section, seen from the Front, 1489
Leonardo da Vinci's Anatomical Study of the Human Skull in Sagittal section, showcases his pioneering exploration of human anatomy. Executed with meticulour detail, the sketch delves into the intricacies of skeletal structure, highlighting Da Vinci's unparalleled ability to blend artistic mastery with scientific inquiry. This work exemplifies his ground breaking contributions to understanding the complexities of the human body, transcending artistic boundaries into the realm of medical illustration.

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